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Purchasing Staff
- Receive and complete a request for quotation from other
- Compare prices, specifications, and delivery time to determine the
best bid among potential suppliers.
- Main purchase: Machinery, spare parts, tools, .....(local and
oversea supplier) except raw material.
- Receive, check PR from request department and issue PO
- Review requisition orders to verify accuracy, terminology, and
- Send PO to vendors, track pending PO (Pull in or push out base
on production plan)
- Respond to Departments and supplier inquiries about order
status, changes, or cancellations.
- Contact suppliers to schedule or expedite deliveries and to
resolve shortages, missed or late deliveries, and other problems.
- Contact with the forwarder to do customs clearance
- Receive the goods and send to the ordering department
- Control Goods in – out - storage with right quantity, right location,
follow right process
- Make claim report and send to supplier if defect, shortage found
due to supplier error. Push to receive replacement soonest
- Complete the payment procedure for the supplier
- Summarize the export and import machine and spare part for
reporting to customs
- Evaluate, maintain and develop supplier relationship, ensure
supply chain of company.
- Evaluate supplier and undertake performance reviews to ensure
contract compliance and manage supplier improvement activities
- Ensure compliance to company guidelines, purchase policies and
procedures of ISO.

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