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Phạm Trung Thao

Giới tính: Nam - Đã kết hôn
Hà Nội - Sinh ngày: 13/09/1986
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CV_ Phạm Trung Thao _ QA/QC/Production/IE manager

Đại học

Trên 5 năm

QA- QC, thẩm định, giám định
2010 – 2011Equipment management staff in HA THANH CONCRETE COMPANY
• Make Equipment controlling/maintenance procedure
• Make equipment maintenance plan
• Monitor maintenance operation
• Record/analyze data of equipment operation
• Responsibility to show Equipment controlling/maintenance system for ISO audit organization

Equipment management staff in HA THANH CONCRETE COMPANY
• Make Equipment controlling/maintenance procedure
• Make equipment maintenance plan
• Monitor maintenance operation
• Record/analyze data of equipment operation
• Responsibility to show Equipment controlling/maintenance system for ISO audit organization
Senior Engineering at Production Quality Assurance Department, CANON VIETNAM.
➢ Team leader of Product Quality Control Group:
For new product (Mass Trial):
• Study/analyze new design, structure to understand PRODUCT SPECIFICATION and feedback
designer the risk/weak point.
• Make plan and prepare to evaluate new product: evaluation item, method, judgment method …
• Monitor evaluation operation and solve all problem to prevent Mass production trouble
• Build-up quality assurance concept (checking item, check sheet, method…) for Product group in
Mass Production phase
• Train and control inspector for evaluation job
For current product (Mass production):
• Apply 7 QC TOOLS to monitor product quality, cooperate all depts to investigate then take actions in
case of quality troubles;
• Analyze data to review quality status then take actions for worst items;
• Control/ Confirm progress and effectiveness of all quality actions (mentioned);
• Deal with customer claims/ feedback related to quality;
• Make group plan, arrange job for staffs and operators;

2014 - 2017
➢ Team leader of Process Quality assurance Group:
(Specialized in build-up perfect process)
For new product (Mass Trial):
• Analyze new product to find out weak/risk point and feedback designer (Product-FMEA);
• Analyze new product to give out the best assembly method (Assembly Flow);
• Build-up assembly process (process-FMEA);
• Make detail/clear Work standard to instruct operator;
• Pointed out importance process which must control specially (Quality Assurance Flow Chart);
• Analyze the risk station by station to add prevention action: add automation checker, visual check,
feedback to change design, modify checker program to detect automatically …;
• Analyze PRODUCT SPECIFICATION to build-up standard/check sheet/instruction and related
document for evaluation phase/Mass production phase;
• Control and monitor actual Trial Line operation to improve continuously until became perfect process;
For current product (Mass Production):
• Control actual production line base on standard: Work standard, Instruction, Layout , packing
• Optimization process effectiveness base on Jig/Tool/Checker improvement, process arrangement
• Leader of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance): Build-up Equipment controlling system, maintenance
• To collaborate other dept to improve ONE PASS RATE (the ratio of product which has no any
mistake on production line) by deep investigation and quick action applying.
• Build-up countermeasure bank to maintain perfect process
• Follow special controlling when rework/recheck fail product
• LOGISTIC store monitoring: packed , vanning, stuffing, seal…
• Team leader of Customer Claim Handling: responsibility to investigate the root cause/history
• Collaborate with related depts to improve process quality: improve worst item, training QC skill…
• Handle of Quality Weekly meeting to review all of countermeasure applying situation.
➢ Leader internal audit as ISO 9001 (already trained and got ISO 9001 Audit certification):
• Support other dept to follow procedure/revise procedure for matching with ISO 9001 requirement
• 2 times/year implement audit in internal departments based on ISO 9001
• Built-up procedure for PQA dept (QAFC procedure, Customer claim handling)
Member of Supplier process quality improvement group:
• Support Domestic supplier to improve process quality;
• Audit Outside supplier to improve Quality controlling system, process quality controlling system
Support Top manager to control Factory/Dept indexes:
• Monthly summary/analyze factory quality indexes to host factory meeting;
• Judge/monitor other depts’ quality solution.
• Base on Factory/Dept policy, suggest Top manager to build-up dept organization/job assignment
• Build-up dept/group indexes/targets, measurement method

Control/monitoring the operation of INSPECTION EQUIPMENT department:
• Control manpower for production: 150 engineers, 500 technicians, 75 line automation
• Daily report for Director the production result. Trouble summary and solving, corrective action and
preventive action
• Collaboration with related department for common production target, negotiation for conflict solving
• Human resource development: Training soft skill for staff/key management member: 7QC tools, PDCA,
Sense of owner ship, Leader ship, communication effectiveness …
Control equipment maintenance (Total Productive Maintenance - TPM):
• List-up lifetime of and make plan to buy spare part in advance
• Make maintenance plan and monitor PM team operation
• Analyze PM/downtime index to improve PM frequency, reduce downtime
Improve quality/efficiency by process/equipment innovation:
• Analyze quality worst items to take preventive countermeasure: Add vacuum platform to prevent Panel
was dent, add Parameter controlling by automation to prevent changing
• Analyze worst Equipment alarm to improve cycle time/sequence
Build-up SMART FACTORY MONITORING SYSTEM (apply 4.0 industry technology):
• Apply quality feedback automation to lock equipment when happen worst accumulation/parameter alarm
• Build-up VISUALIZATION MONITORING ROOM: Control all key indexes/results by charts/trend/alarm
automatically, establish CHANGING POINT CONTROL SYSTEM automatically
Make short-mid-long term action plan for department development
• Base on General Director target/policy to set department target, select key object to monitoring
• Use PDCA and data analysis to make detail plan, target step by step
• Assign for each team/member the detail mission for matching with common target
Suggest General Director for investment budget , investment item, cost-down project
• Base on action plan to suggest innovation project, investment item, budget analysis and supplier
evaluation (Quality – Cost-Delivery-Capacity)
• Base on development trend, build-up cost-down project and assign detail mission to reduce budget
• Increase Equipment efficiency to reduce operation cost:
Factory Overall Equipment Efficiency target 75%, actual achievement: 80%
Responsibility for all audit term to adapt Corporation requirement
• Review all data/evidence of management system (monthly) and provide for auditor (1 time/year)

(từ 05/2017 đến 09/2019)

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Phó giám đốc/Phó tổng giám đốc

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Quản lý điều hành
Sản xuất, vận hành sản xuất
QA- QC, thẩm định, giám định

50-60 triệu

Coaching/leading, management, problem solving, innovation, 7QC tools, PDCA...

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