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Giới tính: Nam - Đã kết hôn
Hải Phòng - Sinh ngày: 22/07/1989
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Assistant Manager of Production Part/ Production Planning Part.

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Sản xuất, vận hành sản xuất
Assists the Production Manager to managing and overseeing staffs, assigning, urging, testing the work of staffs, collecting report. Key management items including Managing the production process, Manpower Management.
 Managing the production process :
o Liaising among different departments to deal the arising problem under the assignment of Production Manager.
 Collaborate with departments to analize problems by using 6Sigma Tool (DMAIC), 4M, Fishbone chart, 5W1H, SIPOC ... to find root cause and suggest improvement activities follow PDCA.
 Monitor history of arising issues and improvement items of all models from development, MP to drop, to purpose avoid arising for subsequent models to minimize damage.
o Assists the Production Manager in assigning appropriate manpower, workspace and scheduling to ensure completion of respective departments goals. Monitor professional capacity, multi- skills, years of experience of each OP. From there to allocate appropriate manpower to minimize leadtime, line balance.
o Organizing, supervising and managing the production line including raw materials; human resources; machines etc to be sure to correctly follow weekly monthly production planning as requested.
 Monitor material inventory status daily by asking material management department to update information regularly, and feedback when having problems. From that, arrange manpower to support other line, day off for waiting job or ask planning section to change production plan.
 Daily monitoring of working attendence, leave of absence, leave, childbirth leave, from that arrange manpower to avoid stopping line.
 MonitorequipmentoperatingstatushourlyonMESsystem,feedbackwithequipmenttorequiredtohandle when equipment operating rate is not met target.
 Catch line status (equipment status: error, maintenance, improvement,...quality status: defects of product, defects of material,..). Analysis cause by man or machine, method, material (4M) combined with 6Sigma Tool when there are problems with quantity, from that improve to response production plan.
o Organizing the planning of production and quality meetings, daily worker schedules, daily production activities. Organize meetings to share production scheduling among Operations, Technical and Maintenance division, Quality. o Supervising, pushing the productivity of workers and to manage lead times, work priorities, worker performance to
get the assigned factory lead times and goals and ensure that the production is achieved as planned.
o Studying “what-if” scenario to identify opportunities to improve profits, such as efficiency improvement, cost
reduction and other margin improvements.
o Controlling, reporting the inventory status and improving this situation when having problems.
 Establish inventory management standards, management procedures, regional division for each type of goods (OK, NG, hold goods). Record complete information such as line, date, W/O, quantity, type of goods, stage of development, department...
 DailymonitoringgoodsinventorystatusonMESsystem.Whenquantityinventoryisoverofthestandard, conduct investigate actual WIP, hold meeting with related departments to request a WIP treatment, and give a long-term measure to minimize WIP, special with inventory from 7 to 30 days.
 Make a daily WIP report (including quantity, process, hold reason, hold time, hold person ...). Monthly inventory report of matching between WIP system with actual.
o Control and issue E-MEMO, checksheet, checklist, work-instruction, mega process, working point. Control all defect of product of development models during development run to make improvements and the most appropriate equipment index before mass production(avoid occurring reliability defect to customer).
o Monitoring line status, control product quality according to issued standards (E- MEMO), control CTP & CTQ in line. When detecting serious defective products or mass defective products, proceed to investigate and analysis cause by man or machine, method, material (4M). Make counter-measures and improvements to minimize defect, prevent them from happening again then sending report to related part. Make new standard and limit then hold meeting to unify them with related part (QC, integrated, SQA...) to avoid slipping defect to another stage.
o Foreseeing the potential problems before they happen and report to Production Manager to find out the solution.  Managing manpower :
o Arrange production manpower for each position according TO of Korea based on the training results as well as capacity and experience of OP in the past. Improve to reduce TO by checking operation capacity and tactime of each OP, from that reducing and reallocating jobs for each position (line balance activities).
o Establish training plan, training program content according to training standards of company and training for new OP, increase skills for OP have experienced, and special attention to multi-skill training for OP. Overseeing OP's professional performance by checking operations and tactime monthly, Gage R & R activities, especially training and retesting OP's professional annually.
 Building, planning and managing core activities need to be performed by the production team when implementing new product models based on the Master schedule of the plant projects ( Core activities including Planning for preparating of standard documents, work instruction, Mega Process, technical standards, recruitment, training for OP and Engineer production...).

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